by Dr Francisco

The only ONE-STOP solution for holistic and personalised health enhancement, sustainable weight loss, metabolic control and functional fitness...all together.

It is led by a doctor with vast knowledge in medical metabolic control, health enhancement, disease prevention, practical and holistic dieting and purposeful exercise.

Dr Francisco provides health coaching and medical advice (when needed), as well as nutritional & lifestyle advice, and exercise & functional fitness coaching together with his associate exercise physiologist and physiotherapist...in an effective, doable, sustainable and fun way!

OLYMPIA Lifestyle by Dr Francisco helps you to take charge of your health by empowering you to take better and healthier diet and lifestyle choices in order to achieve health enhancement, sustainable weight loss, better metabolic control, and higher degrees of functional fitness or exercise performance.

So, you are set in the path to become a healthier, fitter and happier version of yourself to live a longer and fuller life, with more vitality and less disease risk, to be able to fulfil your dreams and goals and to enjoy life to the maximum with your loved ones and friends.

In OLYMPIA Lifestyle by Dr Francisco, we sincerely want you to achieve what you expect and more!


Who is Dr Francisco?


MD (Mex), MRCP (UK, London), MSc (UK, London), PhD (UK, London)

-A specialist nephrologist (kidney doctor), a transplant immunologist & a health coach.

-A medical specialist with expertise in nephrology (kidney problems), type 2 diabetes, excess of weight, metabolic syndrome, health coaching & nutrition, and functional fitness.

-A medical health coach with the heart, energy and soul to guide you and help you transform your lifestyle to a healthier one.

Dr Francisco, himself, underwent a massive body and health transformation with sustainable weight loss and progressive fitness following his own methods; giving birth to his featured health enhancement, holistic metabolic control, sustainable weight loss programmes (The OLYMPIA Lifestyle Mastery and the OLYMPIA Lifestyle Formula), and his functional fitness programme (The OLYMPIA Lifestyle Functional Fitness).

All this puts him in both the professional and practical right position to help you achieve the same or more!

He is not just the expert on this field; he has improved his health, body metabolism, weight and fitness; and he keeps walking his talk, whilst guiding others to achieve the same or more!

Nutritional & Metabolic Certifications (on top of his medical qualifications):

-Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate (May 2020)

-6th European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (Apr 2019)

-AGP Clinical Academy (UK) Ambulatory Glucose Profile Curriculum Certificate (June 2018)


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If you know a change is necessary but do not know how to start or how to keep your efforts up...

If you understand that there is some doable effort behind...

If you want to achieve your best possible health and fitness...

If you want to do it in the right and healthy way...

& if you are are committed to the process and ready to be consistent with your efforts...

Then, OLYMPIA Lifestyle by Dr Francisco is the right solution to transform your lifestyle in a healthier one with more vitality...

Please check our programmes and services below and select the right for you. If unsure which one is the right for you, contact us and Dr Francisco will set a brief free call with you!

Do not keep waiting until something happens and wish you would have decided differently!

Diseases, complications and continuous disappointments are more painful and costly than being preventive, pre-emptive, proactive and visionary!

Diseases can complicate lives, shorten lives and shatter dreams...and in many occasions they grow silently inside us...

...so, let us guide you into a healthier and more beautiful path...

...doing what is right in the right way!


Watch below Dr Francisco describing his individual programmes and services


I. The OLYMPIA Lifestyle Mastery

A clinic-based holistic programme, custom-tailored to your metabolic needs and requirements, and adapted to your preferences and priorities in life.

It consists on health coaching and medical advice by Dr Francisco, based on your current health and medical condition or medical risks.

It is based on the proven scientific principles of:

a) Positive behavioural psychology for the acquisition of a more positive, proactive and empowering mindset, receptive of change;

b) Medical metabolic screen tests (laboratory tests) and biofeedback based on precision nutrition tools to know what your body needs and how your body reacts to your food;

c) Personalised diet advice for a more nutritious, balanced, varied and moderate diet to nurture and restore your body, in a doable and sustainable way; and

d) Tailored exercise or fitness advice for a more active lifestyle with better habits to strengthen your body for any life challenges or to improve your fitness or sports performance.

It is delivered in our centre in Singapore. It is structured into several scheduled follow up appointments through a year with continuous coaching, support and tuning by Dr Francisco and his team to guide you through the process and to empower you to take full charge of your health for the rest of your life. 

This is our exclusive platinum programme. Clients enrolling in the programme have also complementary access to the online modules of our OLYMPIA Lifestyle Formula.

The OLYMPIA Lifestyle Mastery will help you to effectively achieve sustainable weight loss, in a healthy way, greater health and/or better metabolic control; as well as a total lifestyle transformation, which is beyond weight loss and health...leading to a longer and fuller life with more happiness and fulfilment to enjoy it to the maximum. Our clients say they obtained what they expected and more! 

It is run in partnership with our medical clinic brand 'Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre - Singapore'.

This is your solution for a total new and healthier self!


II. The OLYMPIA Lifestyle Formula

An online and complete health enhancement workshop with informative and interesting modules with lots of professionally-created educational videos for:

a) The acquisition of a more positive, empowering and proactive mindset,  receptive of change.

b) The adoption of a healthier diet.

c) The introduction or practice of exercise in a safer and fun way.

d) The acquisition of other good habits.

It is based on the same principles of our OLYMPIA Lifestyle Mastery and you will receive most of the benefits of our platinum programme; but because it is online, it does not include the use of our metabolic screen or precision nutrition tools; but they are just tools to target our advice more effectively to achieve extra benefits. However, if you have your own tests results, you can share them with Dr Francisco and that will help him to custom tailor his advice to your metabolic needs.

But the secret of our programmes are our personalised support and strategic advice, which you will be receiving in a depth and care you never imagined...

...because it includes also follow up and implementation health personalised online coaching calls with Dr Francisco and his team, giving you the right guidance and support to materialise new diet and lifestyle changes in your life.

The coaching calls with Dr Francisco will help you keeping track of your progress and commitment and help ensuring you receive the results you are committed to obtain.

All at the comfort of your home, wherever you are in the World.

You can book it today through our online booking system. Please note that on our website, you will be paying for the entire programme but just booking the 'get to know' call with Dr Francisco, and he will give you access to the online workshop. Then, you will go and complete the entire online workshop and learn a lot. After completing the entire workshop you will meet Dr Francisco online for a 'wrap up' coaching call with him (and with his team) to start the entire implementation process. There will be also scheduled follow up coaching calls through the next 6 months post-completion of the online workshop to ensure you receive the benefits consequent of the doable changes you are committed to do.

You can also enrol and purchase the programmes by other methods. Please contact us.

Our clients say it is a life changing experience! Do not miss it!


III. The 'Discovery' coaching call with Dr Francisco

A 60-min one-on-one online video call with Dr Francisco to understand your current health condition, challenges you might be facing in your path for a better health or healthier weight, your needs, body requirements, personal preferences and goals; for then, Dr Francisco, to propose an individualised kickstart plan to take the first solid steps towards a better health and weight.

It is highly recommended by our clients from around the World.

Many of our clients initially book this call. Once they realise what they can achieve under Dr Francisco guidance, they switch to one of our structured complete programmes (see above) or book our follow up coaching calls (see below).


IV. Follow up coaching calls with Dr Francisco

Follow up one-on-one online video calls with Dr Francisco to continue supporting you in every step of the way, giving you advice and guiding you in your health enhancement and weight loss efforts.

They are the best next steps to our 'Discovery' coaching call to ensure you achieve the results you are committed to work for.

We can reach online any part of the World.

It will give you clarity on what needs to be done and how to start moving forward! You will not be disappointed!


V. OLYMPIA Lifestyle Functional Fitness by Dr Francisco

Doing exercise or practicing sports is great to enhance your fitness, improve your body shape; and it will help you in your efforts of losing weight. Most importantly, it will be an important channel for you to sustain or regain your health; especially if practised together with a healthier diet and better lifestyle habits.

However, in Olympia Lifestyle by Dr Francisco we want you to reach greater levels and more than you can imagine. So, we are introducing the concept and programme of 'OLYMPIA Lifestyle Functional Fitness' to do exercise with a purpose beyond just health, body shape or muscle growth.

We have a team of an exercise physiologist and a physiotherapists whose focus is to guide you and help you to introduce exercise in a safer way (if you are new to it or a beginner) or to keep practising in a safer way for longer time and to improve your performance (if you are more advanced).

The Functional Fitness team will tailor a 'kickstart plan' or a 'higher performance plan' (depending on how seasoned you are), based on your body needs and requirements, but importantly, your preferences and goals; including what type of exercise you want to perform eg calisthenics, yoga, football, zumba, strong, running, swimming, etc.

They will advise a series of custom-tailored personalised exercises to strengthen your body, make it more resilient to injuries and to practice that exercise or sports safer and better (with higher performance) for longer.

'Functional Fitness' by Olympia Lifestyle by Dr Francisco will help you doing exercise with a purpose, a purpose beyond just ticking going to the gym and randomly do exercise or do the same things that others do...but instead, what your body needs, totally attached to your goals!

We are providing these services in our centre and online too!

--If you are de-conditioned, if you are new to exercise, if you have a medical condition, an injury, any body limitation or simply having pains while doing exercise...OLYMPIA Lifestyle Funcional Fitness is for you!

--If you want to add exercise in a safer and fun way to your weight loss efforts...OLYMPIA Lifestyle Funcional Fitness is for you!

--If you are already a seasoned sportsman or sportswoman and you are/feel ok, OLYMPIA Lifestyle Functional Fitness definitively can help you to ensure you continue doing exercise in a safe way for longer and to enhance your performance through the right training for your specific type of exercise or sport.

It is time to do exercise for a greater purpose (your own purpose), leading to greater results and greater satisfaction.

Besides exercise and fitness, the Olympia Lifestyle by Dr Francisco's team are also experts in medicine, health, diet, holistic eating, and lifestyle coaching...imagine what you can achieve


VI. OLYMPIA Lifestyle Strong & Zumba (coming soon)

Watch our teaser video (beginner level).

'Strong' gives you the chance to do exercise with full body workout using just your body weight combining different types of exercises and movements; with no equipment required, able to do it at home or any place!

You can enhance then your cardio-respiratoy fitness, tone, balance, flexibility, and strengthen your body and burn lots of calories.

All that for a healthier, fitter and more resilient and able version of yourself; while having fun; doing it at the rhythm stimulating music.

We will be launching soon 'OLYMPIA Lifestyle Strong & Zumba', because we want you to be strong and healthy and to have lots of fun in the process!

You will be able able to practice 'Strong' at any time, in any part of the world, irrespective of the language you speak. So, stay tuned for this coming service!

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat

But what matters the most is what our clients say about us!


“I lost almost 10 kg in 8 months time… The best part of the programme is I’m not on a diet control altogether. I’m not forcing myself on what kind of foods I cannot take… It’s a knowledge-driven programme and yet gives me the leeway to manage my diet and food plans.”

Jothi Krishna, Entrepreneur, Singapore

Joined 'The OLYMPIA Lifestyle Mastery'

Watch their journey in OLYMPIA Lifestyle in these videos!


“My life had been on a vicious cycle of up and down in weight through extreme diet programs and rebounds… The best thing I get from Dr. Francisco is the empowerment of “I can do it” and he helped me to understand how I can do balanced diet in line with my goals without forcing myself … After working with him for less than 4 months I’ve since lost 15 kg and I’ve never felt better and more energised! I feel I’m in control now and I’m convinced about what I want and why I’m doing it… So I came from a vicious cycle to a positive cycle… This effect is also contagious. Now my wife and my little boy are also doing exercise with me… I hope I motivate you to try Dr. Francisco’s program and trust his honest and very caring approach.”

Rafael Ramirez, Entrepreneur, Mexico

Joined "The OLYMPIA Lifestyle Formula'

See their experience as a possibility of what you can also achieve.


“I’ve been struggling in losing weight… I’m glad that I met Dr. Francisco and tried his programme… It leads me to a better and healthier lifestyle and I actually lost weight! And I want to continue to lose more weight for a healthier and better life!”

Angelica Ramos, Clerk, Philippines

Joined 'The OLYMPIA Lifestyle Mastery'

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“The most important thing about Dr. Francisco is he is kind and caring, and he’s given me a lot of advice that helped me to pull through all the struggles that I had. What I like about the OLYMPIA Lifestyle program is its realistic approach. The advice that is given has been suited to my needs. And because of that, I’ve obtained the results that I want…I gained muscle, and I lost weight… I highly recommend the OLYMPIA Lifestyle program to those who wish to improve their health and live a happier life in a doable, realistic, and healthy way.”

Rommel Castillo, Medical Equipment Technician, Singapore

Joined 'The OLYMPIA Lifestyle Mastery'

Give yourself the opportunity for a healthier, longer and happier life!


"I was misinformed about dieting and had many disappointments until I came across with Dr Francisco's philosophy, nutrition and exercise strategies. I discovered that by changing my mindset indeed helped me changing my body. I managed to control my cravings and lose weight by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle in a very doable and practical way. I feel more energetic and agile now and I am very happy because what I learnt helped me introducing a healthier living for my family, too"

Martha Salcido, Strong Nation & Zumba Instructor, Mexico

Joined 'The Discovery Call + Follow up calls'

Achieve your fitness goals at home during lockdown safely! 


"I wanted to be toner and fitter and tried some resistance exercises I saw in YouTube, but instead of achieving results, I injured my knee; unable to exercise for 3 months! Then, I met Dr Francisco; who corrected my posture and exercise form, with my knee pain going away! He also gave me good practical personalised diet advice and how to exercise at home during lockdown. I feel confident now and empowered with the knowledge to reach my fitness goals. Dr Francisco listened to my worries and showed empathy, demonstrating he is a caring doctor with a heart. I sincerely recommend him and his programmes!"

Veron, Food Inspection Manager & Toastmasters Member, Singapore

Joined 'OLYMPIA Lifestyle Functional Fitness'

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